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The Stock Market Game in Georgia
The Georgia Council on Economic Education brings the Stock Market Game™ to students across the Peach State. Elementary through high school students play the Stock Market Game™ each spring and fall semester for ten weeks, starting off with a hypothetical portfolio of $100,000 and researching publicly-traded companies on the Internet, reading business publications, and crunching the numbers to select stocks. The team from each school district (or geographic region in the case of independent schools) with the highest portfolio value at the end of ten weeks wins. 

The Stock Market Game™ is designed to give Georgia teachers a tool for helping students develop a solid understanding of how private enterprise works. Economic education is not just about financial literacy. It's also about the larger economic forces that affect everyone's financial circumstance.  

A Tool for Teaching 
The Stock Market Game™ shows students how the laws of economics unfold in the real world. With equity markets as the model, students see the raw and unfettered forces of private enterprise and market economics play out. Unlike real equity markets, the Stock Market Game™ offers students a safe and pain-free place to learn that the lessons of market economics can sometimes be costly. 

Like any educational metaphor, the Stock Market Game™ in Georgia has limitations.  There is no real-time trading, no rapid buying and selling to turn quick profits, and no excessive risk-taking like there is in real equity markets. Stocks valued at $5 or less cannot be purchased. GCEE has rules in place to emphasize the educational benefits of the Stock Market Game™ while removing the speculative aspects of equity trading. For example, GCEE has the 3 x 3 x 3 Rule requiring teams to make their first transaction by the end of the third week, purchase at least three different stocks or mutual funds, and hold at least three of their investments for at least three business weeks (sixteen business days). GCEE rigidly and consistently enforces the 3 x 3 x 3 Rule.   

Private enterprise in action
More than 35,000 students in public and independent schools participate in the Stock Market Game™ in Georgia each year. Since 1973, GCEE has worked to bring financial literacy and economic education to schools around the state.  Georgia's Stock Market Game, operated nationally by the SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education in New York City, is supported by Bank of America, the CFA Society of Atlanta, the Citi Foundation, the Geogia Securities Association, INVESCO, and the SIFMA/ Southern Central District.

GCEE is committed to providing Georgia teachers with the finest resources in economic education available.  The Stock Market Game is one of them, used by teachers across Georgia and the U.S. to demonstrate how the private enterprise system works.  If you have questions, please contact Georgia's Stock Market Game Coordinator Barbara Futrell.  

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