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Anissa Andrews, Parent Liaison
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I have the privilege of representing the Moreland Road Elementary staff as the Parent Liaison.  As the Parent Liaison, I am your contact for any needs you may have while your children are attending MRE. 
Regular parent workshops and sakeholder meetings will be held throughout the year to better serve you as parents.  These workshops are designed to give you information on topics that are relevant to the success of your children here at our school. 
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me via email at or telephone at 770-229-3755.  This page is updated regularly, so please check back often for information about past and upcoming events, newsletters, and other important information! I look forward to working with you!

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What is ESSA?
Watch this video to learn!
Student Showcase
Did you miss our September Student Showcase?
Here are some of the handouts and information from the event.
Family Game Time
Annual Title 1 Meeting
Click HERE for a video about creating homemade games!  You can use this template for any game!  Consider creating a board that can be used with lots of different subjects.

Fall 2021 Parent Survey 
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We need and value your input!!!

If you have not taken our fall parent survey,
please take it here:


Additional Resources
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  • RCD Curriculum Guides
    • Click HERE to access the RCD Curriculum Guides.
  • Parent Conference Information
Parent-teacher conferences play an important role in school-home communication. The conferences are designed to increase the quality of parent-teacher communication and interaction focused on student learning and achievement.

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Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: