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According to the Home & School Connection publication, one secret to a successful year is to set good routines right from the beginning of the school year. 
Listed below are tips from educators  to help your child have a great school year:
1. Take time to make time!
One key to success is to follow a schedule.  Children need a schedule they can depend on that includes definite times for homework, meals, bath, and sleep.  Parents need to limit television and video games.  Otherwise, these activities can consume too much of children’s time.  Make sure your child gets enough sleep every night.  Get materials such as homework, lunch money, signed papers ready each night.  Place them in the same spot every night.  Make sure your child eats breakfast every morning.
2. Read, Read, Read! 
Continue to share reading with children, even after they have learned how to read by themselves.  Emphasize to your children that  reading is important.
3. Check into it!
Take a few minutes every day to look at what your child brings home from school.  Talk with your child about his/her school work.  This shows that you care about the things your child spends most of the day doing.  Attend as many school events as you can.  Keep in touch with your child’s teacher throughout the school year.  If homework and after school activities conflict,  speak up: “I know you have soccer practice this evening, but homework comes first.  After you finish your homework, I will take you to practice.”
4. Make attendance a priority!
Let your children know that unless they are sick, they must go to school.  Try scheduling routine doctor and dentist appointments after school hours or during school breaks.  If possible, take vacations during school breaks.
5.  Keep it upbeat!
Give your child a positive comment and a hug every morning before he/she leaves for school.  For example, “I love you and remember to copy your homework.  Have a good day by making good choices.”

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