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Welcome to Kindergarten!
We are so excited you are here.  This is a great place to visit to see what's going on in our classrooms.  Here is information that hopefully will answer any questions you have.  Please come back and visit often!

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  • Michelle Barksdale
  • Angela Head   
  • Hayley James
  • Lisa Miller

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Morning Arrival
School starts at 8:00.  Please have your child in class and ready for a fun filled day of learning!  Late arrivals need to sign in at the office to receive a tardy pass to bring to class.
We dismiss class at 2:45.  Please let us know of your child's daily transportation to ensure his/her safety.  Should your transportation needs change, please submit that in writing so that we can adjust accordingly
Thank You!
Please talk with your child about how important it is for them to remember to give us the envelopes/notes that you send from home.  With twenty or more children it is hard for us to check book bags everyday.  They should be showing you their papers and agendas everyday.  Teaching them responsibility now will be very helpful in later years.

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