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Welcome to Special Needs Preschool at Moreland Road Elementary! We make caterpillars into butterflies! We have two classes located at Moreland Road.  We service students with Significant Developmental Delays from ages three until their kindergarten year.  We are currently using the Read It Once Again curriculum and follow all standards set by Bright from the Start. If you need more information, please contact Margaret Faulk at (770) 467-467-5020 or Darcy Dennos or Rebecca Pearson at (770) 229-3755.
Everything is going great in Special Needs Preschool!! Our little caterpillars are turning into butterflies!! Remember to encourage your child to use words to ask for things that they wants.  Also, practicing toileting skills and eating using a fork or a spoon. Read to your child every day. This will help with manky skills like attention, academic skills, and waiting.
We are doing great things in Special Needs Preschool. Our caterpillars (students) are continuing to turn into butterflies! We would like to welcome are new class and teacher Michelle Dupree and paraprofessional Erin Conort.  We are very excited about the awesome things that will be done in this class!!
We have a new theme every month.  December is The Gingerbread Man, January is The Mitten and February is I Love You.  Our themes are intertwined in all that we do.  Ask your child to tell you about the Gingerbread Man!!  Try to read to your child every night.  This skill is very important for your child’s development.

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