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Ms. Etheridge (Art), Coach Trotter (PE), Mrs. King (Science Lab)

Art, Mrs. Etheridge
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Hello, My name is Brittany Etheridge and this is my 7th year here at Moreland Road. This year I am serving as your child's Visual Arts Instructor and I look forward to creating exciting experiences with your students this year in Art. 

PE, Coach Trotter
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Science Lab, Mrs. King
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My name is Christie King. I was born and raised right here in Griffin, GA.  This begins my 19 th year in education, with 14 of those years being at Moreland Road Elementary. I have also taught preK and Art at a private school, and was an assistant instructor at a college. My favorite subject to teach is Science! I teach in the Science Lab at MRE. We do a lot of hands-on activities and are currently learning about life cycles of plants, chickens and butterflies! Our students are excited to grow plants in the classroom and to soon be candling eggs, watching for an embryo development then hatching the eggs and welcoming the baby chicks into the world. Here are a few of the chicks we hatched in 2021! Meet Elvis, Priscilla, Violet & Mirabel (all Silkies) and Lucy and Hazel (both White Leghorns)! These beauties will furnish our eggs for our life cycle of a chicken unit in the spring! I can't wait!!

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